Village of Nobleford

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Nobleford, 2004, 2008 and 2010 Municipal Excellence Award Recipient is one of the consistently, fastest growing modern rural communities in Alberta with city like infrastructure complimented by Lethbridge 20 minutes away.Since 2002 Nobleford has worked diligently to realize a doubling its geographic size as well as doubling its population to 1200 in 2013. Since 2004, Nobleford has self developed 5 residential subdivisions, sold and seen 180 new homes built with a 5th phase residential subdivision being planned for 2014. Nobleford also has a healthily rebirth of industrial growth seeing large international companies relocate to Nobleford since 2005. In 2012 Nobleford also self developed 24, 1 to 2 acre lots in phase 1 and 2 Industrial subdivision and has sold 15 of those with building starts required on all by 2013. A total of 70 acres is designated to Industrial use. There have been 300 new jobs created in Nobleford since 2005. Nobleford owns and operates a high quality water treatment facility and conveys water to other municipalities via regional pipelines to the north and south. Through fundamental and innovative strategies in consistent Governance, Management and Operations, Nobleford has been able to reduce its total property tax by over 50% since 2006 levels. A property valued at $325,000 will pay $1000 property tax total. Monthly utilities of water, sewer, and garbage average $40 per household. The 2011 Province of Alberta indicator report, pegs Nobleford with one of the highest asset to liability ratios in Alberta @ (17 to 1) with 2,695,790 in assets and 156,212 in liabilities. Nobleford continues to reduce its minimal debt, and increase its healthy reserves all while delivering high level service to its citizens. Nobleford has become a sustainable and prosperous community.

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