Cost of Living

The Province of Alberta is an attractive place to live.  As part of the Province of Alberta, residents in the SouthGrow region enjoy:

  • One of the lowest overall tax systems in Canada.
  • Lowest overall personal taxes in Canada.
  • No provincial retail sales tax.
  • High workforce participation rate.
  • Average unemployment rate is close to the national average of 7.0% (Statistics Canada).
  • High worker productivity.
  • Steadily increasing population with a growth rate of 3.5% from last census in 2011 (Alberta Municipal Affairs).
  • Increasing incomes every year.  Almost 5% between 2012 and 2013. (Alberta Regional Dashboard custom report)
  • Affordable rental accommodation with average one-bedroom apartment rent of $757 per month in 2013 compared to rates in Calgary of $856 per month. (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 2013)
  • Affordable housing with average resale prices in Lethbridge and area in January 2016 of $263,408 almost $20,000 lower than any other jurisdiction in the province.  Prices in smaller rural communities can even be lower.