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Name of Centre Location Affliation Research Specialty
Lethbridge Research Centre Lethbridge Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada The Research Centre is one of 19 research centres in the Research Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  It is staffed by 350 employees, including 80 PhD level scientists.  It is the lead centre for the natonal beef research program.  AAFC has expertise in beef production, genetics, nutrition management, range management, water and air quality, manure management, beans, potatoes and forages, weed bio-control and soil and crop management.
Agriculture Centre Lethbridge Provincial Government The Agriculture Centre houses the Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, incuding the main headquarters of the Irrigation Branch and staff of the Industry Development Sector and the Sustainable Agriculture Sector.  Also located here is the Agricultural Technology Centre, which tests agricultural implements.
Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development Lethbridge Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development has a total of 130 people in the region and additional research staff is located in Lethbridge with expertise in irrigation, production systems and rural entrepreneurship.  This provincial department has a breadth of resources to help producers and processors in developing viable businesses.
Lethbridge Laboratory, Canadian Food Inspection Agency Lethbridge Canadian Food Inspection Agency Known locally as the Animal Diseases Research Institute, the lab was the original federal veterinary research laboratory in western Canada is located 13 km west of Lethbridge.  The site is comprised of the main lab and a biocontainment wing for large animals.  The Lethbridge Laboratory leads a network of six labs in the West, which are part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
The University of Lethbridge Office of Research Services Lethbridge University of Lethbridge The University of Lethbridge has expertise in focus areas of management, biotechnology, water management and bio-products.  The University is home to The Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN), the only research facility of its kind in Canada.  It is also home to the Canadian Centre for the United Nations' Water for Life program, which promotes international commitments made on water and water-related issues.   The institution also has unique resources in physics with one scientist conducting research for NASA.  Located at the university is also The Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre, the first of its kind in North America and bringing world-class satellite imagery to the province.  The University of Lethbridge's new Centre for Health and Wellness focuses on preventing conditions and illnesses that impact society, combining academic knowledge and research in the areas of kinesiology and health sciences.
Lethbridge College Lethbridge Lethbridge College Lethbridge College's programs include applied research components.  The Aquaculture Centre for Excellence at the College is a cooperative partnership that develops and promotes aquaculture as a viable component of the agricultural industry.  Aquaculture projects involve species such as Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Jacoda Eel, and Blackwater Carp.  The College also houses the Citizens Society Research Lab where applied research is conducted in the community.  Applied research in Water Resources and Environmental technology as well as research such as landscape composition and demographics of the Northern Pintails is also being conducted at the Lethbridge College.