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Municipal Government
Municipality Mayor/Reeve Website
Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weasel Head
Town of Cardston Mayor Maggie Kronen
Cardston County Reeve Lloyd Kearl
Village of Carmangay  Mayor Kym Nichols  
Town of Coaldale Mayor Kim Craig
Town of Coalhurst  Mayor Dennis Cassie
Village of Coutts  Mayor Tom Butler
Village of Champion Mayor James Smith  
Village of Lomond Mayor Brad Koch  
Town of Magrath Mayor Russ Barnett
Town of Milk River Mayor David Hawco
Village of Milo  Mayor Raphael Zea  
Village of Nobleford Mayor Don McDowell
Town of Picture Butte  Mayor Terry Kerkhoff
Town of Raymond Mayor George Bohne
Village of Stirling Mayor Ben Nilsson
MD of Taber  Reeve Brian Brewin
Town of Taber  Mayor Hank De Vlieger
Vulcan County Reeve Derrick Annable
Town of Vulcan Mayor Tom Grant
Town of Vauxhall Mayor Margaret Plumtree
Village of Warner Mayor Tyler Lindsay  
County of Warner  Reeve Ross Ford


Provincial Government Federal Government
  Mr. Grant Hunter     Jim Hillyer
  Member of the Legislative Assembly   Member of Parliament
  Cardston-Taber-Warner     Lethbridge Constituency
#513 Legislature Building     255-8th Street South
10800-97 Avenue     Lethbridge, AB
Edmonton, AB     T1J 4Y1
T5K 2B6     Ph: 403-320-0070
OR     Fax: 403-380-4026
  #940, 524-48 Avenue   HILL OFFICE
  Taber, Alberta   Ph: 613-996-0633
  Canada  T1G 1S1   Fax: 613-995-5752
  Ph: 403-223-0001   Email:
Toll Free: 1-888-600-6080    
  Fax: 403-223-0002   MP
  Email:   John Barlow
OR     Macleod Constituency
24-3rd Ave West     4925-1st Street West
Cardston, Alberta     P.O. Box 40
T0K OKO     Claresholm, AB
Ph: 403-653-5100     T0L 0T0
Fax: 403-653-5106     Ph: 403-625-5532
      Fax: 403-625-5592
MLA   Ph: 613-995-8471
  Maria Fitzpatrick   Fax: 613-996-9770
  Member of the Legislative Assembly email:
  #201 Legislature Annex    
  9718-107 Street   MP
  Edmonton, AB     Hon. Lavar Payne
  Canada  T5K 1E4     Medicine Hat Consistuency
  Ph: 780-427-2292     6-403 2nd Ave. West
  Fax: 780-427-3697     P.O. Box 640
OR     Brooks, AB
  2816-5th Avenue North     T1R 1B6
  Lethbridge, AB     Ph: 403-362-7677
  Canada  T1H 0P1     Fax: 403-362-7055
  Ph: 403-320-1011    
  Fax: 403-328-6613   112-1310 Kingsway Avenue SE
  Email:   Medicine Hat, AB
      T1A 2Y4
MLA     Ph: 403-528-4698
  Shannon Phillips     Fax: 403-528-4365
  Member of the Legislative Assembly  
  Lethbridge-West   5324-48th Ave
  #128 Legislature Building   Taber, Alberta
  10800-97 Avenue   T1H 1S2
  Edmonton, AB   Ph: 403-388-2923
  Canada T5K 2B6    
  Ph: 780-427-7984   HILL OFFICE
  Fax: 780-427-5441   Ph: 613-992-4516
OR   Fax: 613-992-6181
  404-8th Street South   Email:
  Lethbridge, AB    
  Canada T1J 2J7    
  Ph: 403-329-4644    
  Fax: 403-329-4289    
  Pat Stier    
  Member of the Legislative Assembly  
  #642 Legislature Building    
  10800-97 Avenue    
  Edmonton, AB    
  Canada T5K 2B6    
  Ph: 780-427-3001    
  Fax: 780-415-0951    
  P.O. Box 69    
  2115-2nd Avenue    
  Fort Macleod, AB    
  Canada  T0L 0Z0    
  Ph: 403-553-2400    
  Fax: 403-553-2133    
  Ian Donovan    
  Member of the Legislative Assembly  
  Little Bow    
  #503 Legislature Building    
  10800 97 Avenue    
  Edmonton, AB    
  Canada T5K 2B6    
  Ph: 780-427-0879    
  Fax: 780-427-0351    
  P.O. Box 231    
  111 Carman Street    
  Carmangay, AB    
  Canada  T0L 0N0    
  Ph: 403-643-2077    
  Fax: 403-643-2024    
Toll Free: 1-800-563-0917